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How to join Xeleb Live

The Xeleb Live app allows Globe subscribers to join GAMETIME!, a live celebrity trivia game show for FREE.

To join, players just have to download the app via Google Play, register and create their account using their Globe or Touch Mobile number, and join the trivia game once the broadcast is live!

Each trivia show features 11 questions, 10 of which a player can rejoin in the event of a mistake. The goal is to answer all questions correctly to win prizes. All players who make it past the last question will share the prize!


GAMETIME! is a live celebrity trivia game show where Globe and TM subscribers can win prizes, and is exclusively available on Xeleb Live.

Before, only studio contestants could join celebrity trivia game shows. The slots for participants were limited and difficult to get. But with GAMETIME, millions of Globe and TM subscribers have the chance to join the fun!

Free to Join

All Globe and TM subscribers are invited to head on over to Xeleb Live to get the chance to win exciting prizes!


Players can rally up their friends to earn free lives for GAMETIME. The more friends you invite, the more free lives you get.

Digital Gifting
Aligns Incentives

Visit the Xeleb Live store to unlock features like digital gifting, rejoin, commenting, and more.

Easily shop for your Gametime credits using your load or postpaid plan!

"Be a part of Digital Revolution"